Sunday, November 4, 2007

Results of the last Rapier Tourney

Held: 15th October 2007
Submitted by: Belissario Lascaris
Event type: Rapier 'First to Fifteen'
Steward: Bad Adam
Marshal in Charge: Everard Sefar
Marshalls in Training :
Heralds: Belissario Lascaris
Royality Present: None

No of fighters: 3
Time taken: 45 minutes
Bouts Fought: 70 (including initial Melee)

Bouts Won:
Thomas Brock Right Hand 11, Left Hand 15, Total 26
Everard Sefar Right Hand 15, Left Hand 8, Total 23
Tobias the Troubadour Right Hand 12, Left Hand 7, Total 19

This tourney comprised three parts
An initial Melee was held to establish the first King of the Hill (which Everard won).
Then combatants rotated through a King of the Hill where wounds carried over and primary weapon was in the right hand. A point was awarded for each win. A point was awarded to each combatant for a double kill but the standing King ousted. This section ended when the first combatant reached fifteen points (Everard)
The third part was as above but with primary weapon in the left hand (Thomas)
The winner was decided by adding the results of the two sections.

There were two Double Kills in the Right Hand section
Tobias vs Everard
Tomas vs Everard

Right Hand
Tom d Everard 5
Tom d Quinten 6
Everard d Tom 9
Everard d Quinten 6
Quinten d Tom 4
Quinten d Everard 8

Left Hand
Tom d Everard 6
Tom d Quinten 9
Everard d Tom 5
Everard d Quinten 3
Quinten d Tom 5
Quinten d Everard 2